The prizes


  • A Microsoft Surface Pro 4
  • A class tutorial from a top children’s illustrator
  • A tour of Stone Group’s factory at their HQ in Stafford to see how the technology we use in school is made
  • The winning picture in the national media¬†

The Art of Technology competition prizes will give the winner’s school a wider set of mediums to work with when it comes to art in the classroom. The competition will be judged by the popular children’s book illustrator Jonny Lambert, whose signature creations can be seen in over 300 publications.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 07.00.07

Jonny Lambert, ‘I’m not a Dinosaur’ (Picture book non-fiction), by Sterling Books US, for The American Museum of Natural History


The winning picture will receive a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 for their school. The Surface Pro 4 is a lightweight tablet with a large screen, which comes with a special pen, and is used by artists, graphic designers and digital creatives to produce imaginative, flawless work in the studio, and the workplace. It’d be a great device to have in the classroom, not only for artists, but for other subjects too, as it comes fully loaded with the latest Windows operating system.

The winning picture will also earn their class a special drawing tutorial from Jonny Lambert, where Jonny will come to their school and help them create their own special set of illustrations.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 07.00.29

Jonny Lambert, ‘Good Trick Walking Stick’ (Picture book non-fiction), by Sleeping Bear Press US