The academic research

The Art of Technology schools’ competition was started by Stone Group in 2016 as part of its ongoing practice of carefully researching its customers learning and development patterns. Stone’s customers are schools, colleges and universities, where thousands of pupils are learning in the classroom using Stone supplied technology – from iPads, laptops, desktop PCs and wifi networks. Stone Group knows as well as any teacher and parent that technology is a firm fixture in children’s lives, both in and out of school.

Tibshelf School-152

However, we wanted to know more about how children really think about technology, so that we can understand the way they feel about having access to computing and digital resources in their school. We also want to make sure that we can show our schools what kids are thinking about online safety, so that they can develop better security and understand what needs to be done with digital safeguarding in schools.

So, we are working with eminent educational psychologist, Dr Kairen Cullen. Dr Cullen is a renowned chartered educational psychologist working with children, young people, parents and individual adults to help them achieve educational and personal success. She specialises in school issues, home-school collaboration, learning and behavioural issues and art therapy.

She will be analysing the submitted artworks and coming up with some interesting conclusions about the way the student artist feels about the technology they are representing. The conclusions will be available for all competition entrant schools, and Stone customers, to view.

Please note that the student artists will be kept anonymous during the analysis and conclusion process.